Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Reality TV hasn't changed much

I am not a huge fan of Reality TV in general.  Recently I enjoyed Wipeout, until it went off the air. My son loved it too, especially the punching wall.  This week I have started watching two new reality programs, and I've noticed some shocking similarities.   Basically, there isn't much different between The Bachelor and Rock of Love Bus.

Let's go over the similarities --

  1. Both shows try to find the leading male character a love interest from a large pool of women.
  2. The women generally "compete" for the attention of the leading male.
  3. There is an elimination ceremony where the leading male chooses who he wants to keep around, and who he wants to let go.
  4. There are lots of scenes where the women are in candid scenarios, talking with each other, plotting against each other.  You really get to learn about the girls this way.
  5. There are times where the leading male gives commentary about what was happening in the particular episode.
  6. The season culminates in a final episode where the leading male chooses his leading lady.
Here are some of the similarities that you probably didn't realize -- 
  1. There are heaps of unusually good-looking women with a few duds sprinkled into each group.  
  2. They all like to wear some form of cleavage-revealing attire, albeit they come off more often in the presence of Bret Michaels.
  3. The women can be catty, in ways that make reality TV worth watching, but can't be anywhere near real.
  4. There is always one "spiritual" or "cosmic" girl in the running.  She is usually getting jokes made about her by the other girls.
  5. There is at least one crazy girl, a girl who doesn't quite have a grip on how things are going, what she wants to be someday, where she is right now...
  6. Most girls refer to "fate" or "destiny", and how they are "ready to fall in love".  
  7. Many of the girls have an inordinate amount of "backstory" on the leading male, which makes them think that they have a lot of similar qualities to the leading male.  This also gives them the opinion that they have some advantage over the other girls.
  8. There is usually some drinking episodes and at least one girl needs to excuse herself to release some of that extra booze they consumed into a nearby toilet.  Ok, maybe not so much in The Bachelor.  At least they don't show it.
I'm sure there are other similarities.  I just watch 'em because they have the funniest drama.  Cat fights rock!

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