Sunday, February 20, 2005

Low Rise Jeans =-= The Decline of Western Civilization

What the heck is going on here. Am I taking crazy pills? Or did it suddenly become okay for women to show a "little plumber crack"?
Four or five years ago, Low Rise Jeans hit their Tipping Point and became "the only acceptable way to wear denim" for women. Not a big deal to me, I still get to wear my baggy jeans the way i like 'em, these rules didn't apply to me. And if they're done right, low rise jeans can be a very nice way to wear jeans. Shortly after that, it also became fashionable to wear "midriff revealing" tops. Again, not a big deal, because for the majority of the women doing it at the time, it was a benefit to the world at large. On occasion you would see someone wearing one of these tops who probably needed to do a sit-up or 100, but who am I to talk? I need to do plenty of sit-ups myself, but with that in mind, I try not to wear as many "swub-revealing" tops either (s.w.u.b. = soft white under belly).
Since then some of these trends have gone wildly awry -- it turns out that at the same time all this is happening in the fashion world, the Thong becomes the panty of choice among the female community. Again, on its own, this wouldn't bother me, but add it to the recent chain of fashion events, and here begins the nightmare. The "cool thing" for these fashion victims becomes wearing the Thong while wearing the Low Rise Jeans. This is one of those cases where more is not better and 1+1 does not equal two. Instead ot getting the benefit of the simple combination of two singularly acceptable fashion items, you get this ensemble which causes me to regret liking either in the first place. Add in the unfortunate Midriff Revealing Top and BANG! we, the viewers of this travesty, become the fashion victims.
But wait! There's More! Yesterday at the mall I found myself in shock... not just once, but three times I was ACCOSTED by female plumber butt. Not just a hint of cheek on these zoftig ladies, but over two full inches of frightening cleavage. The first time I just figured that it was one girl's unfortunate choice to squeeze into some low rise jeans, AND wear a short cropped top. It hurt me, but she is forgiven. Well, she was... until i saw the second. And the third. All in the span of 2 hours. Way too much. It shouldn't have happened. I may never go to the mall again.
When did this become cool? I realize that at some point in time, probably on a day when a turtleneck just wouldn't do, showing a little busom cleavage became high fashion. In fact, it might have shocked a few people back then too, but eventually it became acceptable and then "normal". I can handle that. I actually don't mind it at all. But what does this mean? Will it become normal for the "plumber style?" Will I have to put up with my daughter wearing clothes like this? I am afraid for us. I am afraid that no one else will say something and then all of a sudden, whoosh, the fad becomes the standard. Is this the decline of western civilization? Have we reached our social peak where we just can't do anything to improve ourselves any longer? I had always thought that it would be something else that would trigger it, something political or more meaningfully social. But here we are, at the apex of our society's evolution, and I can now see the trip back down the long hill. Female fashion. Scary.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Ghetto Blaster

This link is pretty cool.
Click around and get the vibe.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Zombies rule

This is a funny site -- a take-off on an Amazon page that has a "Return of the Living Dead" flava.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Super Bowl Sunday... or just another excuse to think of Baseball?

Super Bowl Sunday is here and it's the New England Patriots vs. the Philidelphia Eagles. I think that the Pats will win it again to make it 3 times in 4 years. I think that would be pretty cool, and since I am into the Yankees, I am obviously in favor of DYNASTIES!!!
But seriously, with all this pre-game football hoopla going on, with all of the wierd gambling opportunities (the best I heard was this one: The total number of points scored in the game, vs. the total number of points the LA Clippers score, minus 70. MINUS SEVENTY! hahaha), all I can think about is the upcoming fantasy baseball season.
We have been doing this league for a while, this will be the fifth year. I think that is pretty cool. And we have a bunch who are repeat guests, some newbies to the league, and a few of the original players way back in 2001. I think that we got our 12 teams settled:
Jon H. -- KDS employee (2nd year in league)
Jer K. -- my CT best friend from the way-back machine (2rd year)
Paul K. -- Jer's brother (2nd year)
Wayne S. -- KDS (original Gangsta)
Tony C. -- KDS (O.G.)
Me (MD) -- KDS (O.G.)
Carolyn F. -- KDS (rookie)
Sean W. -- former KDS (O.G.)
Lance D. -- former KDS (4 year veteran)
Mhouze -- Wayne's buddy (2nd year)
Roy A. -- KDS (O.G.)
Shawn C. -- my friend from Marietta (rookie)
Now, don't let these cat's "rookie status" deceive you -- they have probably played Fantasy Baseball in one form or another for a while, so they are serious challengers.
Wayne has been the commissioner in the past, but he is giving up the reins to me this year. We had considered going "keeper league" but that would require a great deal of work for a long time and I don't know if we have the ganas (spanish for 'desire' or 'will') for that. I think that we can make our Fantasy Football league a keeper league because the management that it would require is a little less intensive.
Anyway, Spring training is coming up and I am already eyeing some of the "prize" players -- some sleeper stars and a few super stars. I will post rosters and predictions coming up soon. Stay tuned!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Best Wings ever -- Wild Wing Cafe, Marietta, GA

On Roswell Road in Marietta is my favorite wing joint. I went back Tuesday night for a few pints and some wings and **LO AND BEHOLD** a flavor that I have never tried before... Athens Fireball.
Dang. So spicy. So delicious. 4 out of 5 on the flame scale, so it was pretty spicy. Holy moly, they were delicious. I ordered an additional plate of 8. I couldn't get through them all (I had already eaten about 15 already -- oink), but I made the best of them.
Go there. If you need me to take you, ask me. I will lead the way.

GMC Canyon -- might be the car for me

So I am evaluating new cars, right? right. and turns out that there is a discount program with my company with GMC. Good deal. Well, I am not sure exactly how good the deal is yet, but I will find out soon.
Anyway, I am now looking at the GMC Canyon CrewCab. Even though my crew consists of my beautiful and brilliant wife, and my cute and adorable kid, I think that for a LONG-TERM decison vehicle to replace my beloved Jeep Wrangler Sahara, it might be the best bet. Add a sunroof and a retractable rear window and now we are talking!
I will first have to go to Carmax and see what they will offer me for the Jeep. That will gauge how much I think I can get for the car if I sold it throught the newspaper. It might just be easier to sell it to Carmax -- save the hassle, get a little less money. We will pay off the wife's car with that money and the IRS tax refund !!BOFFO!! time for a new car for Matt.
I can't say I am not anxious about it -- happy and sad. I will miss that Jeep a lot. I have already made a deal with myself that I might forego the Porche of my future mid-life crisis to get a replacement Jeep 10 years from now. By that time it will OK for the kid to ride with me in the Jeep. can't wait. can't wait.