Monday, January 16, 2006

Baseball Stadiums

My friend, Jeremy, and I were discussing Busch Stadium's demise in St. Louis recently. This prompted us to trade lists on which stadiums we had visited in our lifetime across the United States. (trackback)

Here is my list:

  • The King Dome, Seattle
  • Safeco Field, Seattle
  • Coors Field, Denver
  • Shea Stadium, Queens
  • Yankee Stadium, The Bronx
  • Turner Field, Atlanta
  • The Astrodome, Houston
  • Comisky Park, Chicago
  • Candlestick Park (3Com), San Francisco
  • McAfee Coliseum (Network Associates Coliseum), Oakland

Which makes me think about how much I am looking forward to bringing Big Sis back to Turner Field. What they have done to that ballpark is taken a boring baseball diamond and turned it into this carnival of things to do before, during and after the game. It's not just about baseball anymore.

Once you get to the game, you can take your youngin' to Tooner Field, a Cartoon Network sponsored play area. Designed with the kids in mind, it really attracts a young demographic to the game, which does two things: creates new baseball fans, and retains existing, older fans.

There is an enormous jumbo-tron-like viewing screen, which is almost more fun to watch than the actual game (did I just write that?). The 72 feet by 80 feet "BravesVision" lights up a night game, and is crystal clear during a day game. It makes following the game action very easy, and really gets the crowd involved.

At the end of each Sunday afternoon game, fans 12 and under are invited to "run the bases." Yep, the little kids get to go out onto the playing field and run like little maniacs around the basepaths. On Mother's Day, Mom gets to run too.

Of course, I am still there for the GAME. But if that's what it takes to get my kids interested, so be it. Opening Day is scheduled for April 1st weekend again, as usual, and I just can't wait. With Little Bubba's arrival, it may be harder to get to a game, but I'll be tryin'! See you at the ballpark.


Sheila said...

You have never been to Fenway--is that true or did you purposely leave that off of your list?

Here's my list:

Fenway Park, Boston

Wrigley Field, Chicago

Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Baltimore

RFK, DC (the Nats)

Expo Stadium/Olympic Park (now defunct Montreal Expos)

Tiger Stadium, Detriot

Shea Stadium, Queens

Yankee Stadium, da Bronx

Minute Maid Park, Houston

Dodger Stadium, LA

Matt said...

I once had the opportunity to go to Fenway while I was schooling in Worcester, Mass. Pride and general Red Sox hatred kept me from going.
At the time, I avoided Fenway on principle.
Today I regret missing a visit to the stadium. There is something about a place that will charge $125 for a seat where there is zero home plate visibility...
I had the opportunity to go this past September while I was in Boston for a trade show, but sadly the Sox were on a road trip to Tampa Bay.
Phooey. I will have to make the trip another day.

Sheila said...

It's worth a visit. I've gone to Yankee and Shea Stadiums, because it's great to see games and to root against the home team. :)

One thing that was very cool while I was in DC last spring was seeing the Nats play at RFK. It's actually a great place to watch baseball. Can't wait to see what they build as their new home.

Sean said... of the best old time parks still remaining. I was there as a teenager. If those walls could talk some of the stories they could tell.